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Packaging box manufacturers, why do packaging boxes need such customization?

With the advancement of science and technology, consumer's taste and cognition are also upgraded, which inevitably stimulates the thinking innovation and innovation of product packaging boxes. Think about it. Why do the same products have different prices because of the different packing boxes? Why can novel and unique packing boxes create visual attraction in the first place? A creative, innovative, unique, eye-catching product packaging box design, not only reflects the consumer's attention and attention, but also for the market influence, the key is the brand memory. Therefore, to create a brand new creative packaging box for products with unique brand tension is the key to reverse in the fierce competition.

Big cafes in the design field once said: Designers are a profession between "skilled workers" and "artists". But Shenzhen packaging box manufacturer - Shencai Superior Products think that all the design for business is a kind of "marketing thinking innovation" work. The technology of design is only the foundation; the art of packaging is only an artistic conception. Marketing thinking innovation, first of all, is to break the inherent "cognitive framework" and "thinking customization" to focus on consumers and purchase scenarios. To be frank, it doesn't matter what you do; why you do it, it matters; who you do it for, it matters!


We found that too many packaging designers and packaging box manufacturers did not understand and clarify the true nature of the packaging box, so that when making packaging ideas and packaging content information, they are useless creative self-hey. What is the "essence" of product packaging? What is the essence of packing boxes? Too many people are ambiguous in their understanding of the essence. They can't explain it clearly or clearly. They all think it's just a concept, but in fact it's not.

Essence, that is, the original quality and texture, can also be said to be "the true face". For example: the essence of buying cosmetics is to buy good-looking face, the essence of buying health care products is to buy health; the essence of buying baby carts is to travel conveniently; the essence of buying private cars is to show identity. Behind all kinds of phenomena, there are prototypes. This prototype can be called "motivation" in behavioral terms. But now many products packaging, starting from the design thinking, how much is the starting point of thinking from the motivation?

Packaging boxes in the store, on the shelf, its true essence is "commodity". Are most of the products you go shopping in the supermarket in the box? What do you pay attention to? What do you like?  What to choose? It is understood and judged according to the appearance and information content of the packaging box. Furthermore, whether you buy or not depends on the content delivered by the box. Therefore, the essence of "customization of packaging boxes" is actually customization of "reasons for purchase". Whether you are in the creative high-end appearance or content information, it has become the "buying reason" for consumers to buy. Summary: The essence of packaging boxes is commodities, and the essence of customization of packaging boxes is "reasons for purchase".


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