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Purpose of making packing boxes

The purpose of making packing boxes is to sell the marketing power of the terminal products. The packaging design, printing and production of Xinchi Gift Packaging Co., Ltd., a customized manufacturer of high-quality packaging boxes, revolves around the following five basic marketing principles to develop the marketing power of packaging boxes:

(1) The purpose of packaging boxes is to enable them to talk with consumers on the shelf, which is a skill and ability of packaging marketing. It concerns not only visual aesthetics, but also the design of symbolic sense and marketing power of discourse in advertising marketing.

(2) Innovative design of product packaging, the home page should design a shelf advantage, which is a visual marketing orientation of packaging overall consciousness, the purpose is to let the packaging box itself quickly attract customers and attract customers on the shelf;

(3) Packaging box design creativity is actually to develop a choice question, design a logic of thinking, let the audience or consumers follow the logical settings, so that goods automatically become the result of customers willing to choose;

(4) The essence of product R&D is the purchase reason itself. Packaging development is to develop products into salable goods in the market. The design process is to enlarge the purchase reason oriented by marketing.

(5) Customization of packaging boxes is to enlarge customers'purchase reasons at shopping sites. Firstly, it relies on the construction of creative marketing methods; secondly, it relies on the focus of visual aesthetics; and thirdly, it relies on the design of marketing discourse system.

Packaging box manufacturers, why do packaging boxes need such customization?

Dongguan Packaging Box Manufacturer-Xinchi Gift Packaging Box Co., Ltd.

Xinchi Gift Box, a manufacturer of high-quality customized packaging boxes, is not designed and manufactured for aesthetics and crafts, but to solve the problem of difficult sales of your commodity terminals. If your packaging can't be customized by marketing, it's not just a problem that can't be solved, it's a new problem that you're making. Packaging box manufacturers must keep up with the pace of consumer and market upgrading to customize product packaging boxes.

In the new era, the innovation of product packaging design must redefine the function of packaging, endow the new concept of packaging design and manufacture, and must insight into society, understand enterprises, define commodities, break down rules, understand consumers so as to make accurate design positioning. The positioning idea of packaging design is a design guideline with marketing strategic vision. Without marketing positioning, there will be no purpose, no pertinence, and no accurate target audience. Then packaged goods can not be effectively sold out, which also loses the ultimate significance of product packaging. Only by respecting the market and following the rules and common sense of marketing, can we design and manufacture packaging boxes suitable for the needs of market development.

Product packaging planning, creative design of packaging boxes, printing paper production, peer-to-peer comparison, Dongguan packaging box manufacturer - Xinchi gift packaging boxes, not only to do carton packaging design and production of the format factory, but also a more knowledgeable than competitors in the market and marketing of packaging creative company.


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