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Customization of packaging boxes should use shelf thinking to build creativity.

Where is your shelf if you want to show your value or ability as an independent individual? The answer is crowd. On the street, if you want people to notice you and admire you, the crowd is your shelf. In WeChat, friends circle and WeChat group are your shelves. If you don't want to appreciate your talent or buy your mask, you must make the best presentation and the best buying reason. If your boxes are displayed on the same shelf as other products, they are your competitors.

Colors and tones are the primary factors to grab the eyes of consumers. On a colorful shelf, a brilliant color must be the first flashing in the eyes of customers. Therefore, before packaging design, we should first study the normal category, and the overall color control of shelf display, which is the first element of visual impact in a complex shopping environment. So, your brand color has to jump out of the colorful shelf display environment. If the design of product packaging boxes does not need shelf awareness to do the most powerful display environment, it is very difficult for consumers to contact you by choosing color only according to brand personality or brand style, which will inevitably add the cost of packaging box discovery for enterprises, that is, "aggravating the marketing cost of commodities".


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