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Packing Box Aesthetics and Marketing Power Should Be Balanced

Packaging box design needs not only a sense of market, but also a sense of balanced thinking about the overall layout of packaging boxes. This requirement is that when we deal with various design ideas and related elements, we must pay attention to the overall balance. If we put too much emphasis on one aspect and go to the extreme of paranoia, we will have a wrong effect. In our past articles, we have always emphasized that the traditional packaging design and printing production rely too much on aesthetic art, which is a traditional thinking. Until now, we have not realized that the market environment and consumer cognitive psychology have changed. We deny that a single aesthetic artistic factor is the support of design, but this does not mean that packaging box design with self-selling ability can ignore aesthetics or exclude aesthetics. After all, aesthetics is still the important foundation of all design. All our remarks only emphasize that on the basis of aesthetics, creative thinking must stand in the perspective of marketing and marketing power, to implant more purchasing power factors related to consumer psychology and thinking activities, so that the value attachment of packaging boxes can play a strong psychological role. If aesthetic art and marketing thinking can be taken into account at the same time, that is the most ideal outcome.

As innovators in packaging design, printing and production, every packaging designer who has transcended consciousness and innovative thinking should be aware of: where does creativity come from? Creativity must come from the humanistic reality, from the consumption scene, and from the overall market structure. Innovative packaging design, self-rationalization from the perspective of self-appreciation, no matter how beautiful it is, is a waste of cost and self-sexuality.

In order to make the packaging box have the function of self-selling, all the designs are not around the packaging box to do artistic creativity, but around the market to develop marketing creativity, which is the top-level consciousness thinking focusing on marketing and marketing. Therefore, starting from the essence of Commerce and market, commerce and trade are fundamental, market and purchasing power are the real "beauty". Packaging box with self-selling function is an effective bridge to connect and communicate with consumers!


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